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liquid silicone baby nipple
  • liquid silicone baby nipple

liquid silicone baby nipple

Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
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  • 1.        Silicone nipple is made of 100% food grade liquid silicone material with FDA & LFGB standard.
    2.         nontoxic, tasteless, and easy to washing.
    3.        avoid baby choking when feeding
    4.        customized design or logos are accepted welcome.
    5.          any size will be available
    6.      transparent 100% liquid silicone material and no any scent
    7.       carefully designed to closely mimic the form and function of the breast
    8.       with special design controlling air flow while feeding, thus reducing air ingestion, and painful gas
    9.       healthy and feeding active
    10.      high temperature resistant
    11.      recommended for babies 1 months and older (3 years baby)
    12.    the color can't not fade away and body can't become deformed.
    13.      OEM order will highly welcome and treat it confidentially
  • safe, healthful, convenient and eco-friendly;
    nontoxic, odorless, non-corrosive, antioxidative,
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